I recently spent a day learning about Mind Mapping. I had been exposed to the concept over 20 years ago and thought it a good tool for personal and group creativity. Was I wrong, it is a fabulous tool for personal and dynamic group creativity. As a tool, it is developed and there is now software tools to assist. I purchased iMindMap and I am loving it. I see two primary value added activities for its use:

1) Strategic planning. Great tool to maximize the creative power of a small team to set strategic direction, identify objectives, tasks, and projects. The good news about iMindMap is that you can flip an icon and turn your Mind Map into a project plan and create tasks, assignments, timelines, etc.

2) organizing course outlines and structure. I am teaching a serious of courses for a local food manufacturing and distribution company on lean leadership, thinking, and practices. using Mind Mapping I was able to quickly come to the point points, identify the critical elements, and design the group activities.

Great tool for anyone interested in maximizing the power of personal and group creativity and dynamics.