Baldrige Performance Excellence

The Baldrige Performance Excellence framework is recognized both nationally and internationally as the premier framework for comprehensive performance improvement. The central value of the Baldrige framework is systems thinking. This means considering the interconnections of the leadership system, with the processes of strategy development, engaging with staff, customers, knowledge, and performance improvement.  Systems thinking, such as the leadership system, is the platform on which every other organizational processes or activity rests. For example, we understand leadership to be a systems and individual leaders operate from the platform of the leadership system.

Baldrige Quality Criteria is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) it reflects the leading edge of validated leadership and performance practice. These performance practices span seven  broad organizational categories:

  1. Leadership;
  2. Strategy;
  3. Customers;
  4. knowledge Management;
  5. Workforce;
  6. Operations; and
  7. Results.

Baldrige is not a prescriptive, formula driven, approach to excellence. Instead it provides the structural framework through research and collaboration with award recipients. This framework allows implementation to be determined by the individual organization, in ways that reflect their unique mission, vision, and values.

Praxis Solutions partners with Performance Excellence Northwest(PENW), a member of the national alliance of performance excellence. PENW is the sole authoritative voice for the national Baldrige organization in the Pacific Northwest. Praxis Solutions partners with PENW specifically in ways that accelerate the journey to excellence.