Expertise: We bring a team oriented approach to each of our engagements.

Practice Areas Where We Have Helped Bridge the Gaps

Our exclusive focus is the public and nonprofit sectors. Our mission is to assist these critical services to be organizations of excellence. There are several themes that are common to this market. Among them are passion and a sense of mission. On the other hand, they can be very political and are often driven by contradictory voices. After nearly 15 years in this sector we understand that competing voices must be balanced. We also understand that budget are often so tight that staff development is a luxury and there is no time to engage a project that will actually streamline operations. It is the equivalent of rebuilding the airplane while still in flight.

There is often the perception that specific organizational experience is a requirement. For example, to engage with a department of transportation requires DOT experience. We have never found this to be the case. In fact, the opposite is true. We bring a better outside perspective if we do not have years of experience in a specific industry or operating unit. This is because often the first thing we do is document core business processes. Once we do this, and we do it in collaboration with the performance improvement team, we are just as familiar with processes as our clients.

The following is a sample list of client types:

State and Local Government

  • Department of Transportation
  • Community Development Departments
  • Development Engineering
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Motor Vehicles Departments
  • Grants Administration

K-12 Education

  • Administrative Services
  • Special Education Services
  • Education Advocacy Boards and Organizations


  • Baldrige Rapid Access Intensive
  • Balance Scorecard development
  • Leadership as a System of the organization

Higher Education

  • Offices of Financial Aid
  • Advising
  • Human Resources
  • Contracting

Social Services and Faith Based

  •  Community Action Partnerships
  • Development offices