Office of Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aid

Maximize value to your student customer/partners as well as your college or university. The responsiveness of the Office of Financial Aid is often the determining factor if a student enrolls. Therefore, how a potential student perceives the Office is often how she perceives the entire institution.

As an organization you are driven by processes that must serve multiple customers (students, parents, administration, and regulators). This means maximum complexity. The principles of lean thinking is tailored made for this environment – high volume of work, demanding customers, strong regulatory environment, constant pressure for faster awards… this is where lean principles can transform by eliminating waste and creating more value for students and the college or university.

Lean principles is the reason why the Toyota Motor Corporation is annually ranked as one of the best manufacturing organizations in the world. It applies lean in manufacturing complex vehicles, in high volume, while staying compliant with multiple worldwide regulatory agencies, and creating maximum value for demanding customers.

The application of lean principles to the Office will have several benefits:

  1. Increase the Speed of Awarding Aid
  2. Increase the Speed of Verifications
  3. Reduce the Stress of Compliance
  4. See more Student Enrollment

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