The Leadership System – Delivering Maximum Value


(the) Organization is a means of multiplying the strength of an individual.

Peter Drucker


A 2016 article written by Barbara Kellerman of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and published by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences states: Leadership –It a System, Not a Person! She goes on to argue convincingly that our current obsession with developing the heroic leader by classroom instruction is simply foolish and counterproductive. The reason is because enterprise leadership is about developing robust systems of leadership that are intentionally designed to deliver innovation and maximum value. This works because systems are inherently stronger than the individual.

Peter Drucker states: (the) Organization is a means of multiplying the strength of an individual. Or as an article published by the Harvard Business Review (Oct 2016) describing the failure of leadership training – individuals (training participants) had less power to change the system surrounding them than that the system had to shape them. So, if the system has more power than the individual, let’s develop great systems that will deliver maximum value to the customer.

This stands in clear contrast to John Maxwell’s bestselling book – 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – Follow them and People Will Follow You. Under this model, the primary function of a leader is gaining followers – to what end or purpose – anybody’s guess. Enterprise leadership is about developing and designing a robust leadership system because only the system has the power to maximize the collective value of all key elements of the enterprise.