State and Local Government

State and Local Government

We have substantial experience in state and local government. Over the last 12 -15 years we have worked with some of the smallest cities on the West Coast. We have also work with Cities such as San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Bend Oregon. We are often asked, have you ever done any work with … ? The assumption is that it takes specific departmental experience to provide a performance improvement service. We get that. However, our view is this: if you have a process, we can help you improve it.

We are experts at the process of improvement. Frankly, it makes no difference to us if your process is awarding grants for road improvement projects, processing planning applications for local developers, or paying healthcare providers for workers compensation claims. Typically, the first thing we do is document your core business processes. Once this is done, we will know as much or more about your work systems as you.

Do our methodologies actually improve services, lower cost, and increase value? Well, the number we see most often, is 50%. A 50% reduction in time, cost or increase in value due to the elimination of waste.