Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Self Assessing Performance Maturity

Does your Office operate in a culture of continuous improvement? Are staff organized into improvement teams that continuously search for ways to add greater value to students and customers? Are measurements in place so that management is by fact rather than feelings?

Though our self-assessment can be taken by individuals, it has proven to be very accurate when taken as a team. We consistently hear from clients: pretty much sums up or Office. The tool is designed to asses your Office and place it on a five level index of performance maturity. Each level is characterized by indicators of maturity. By measuring the indicators we can provide you with a score and place your office on a dashboard.

Level #1.  Uncertainty, characterized by:

  • Few Measures of Performance
  • Little Understanding of End-to-end Processes
  • Limited Understanding of Customer Requirements

Level #2. Awakening, characterized by:

  • Customer requirements are well understood and documented.
  • End-to-end processes are designed around customer requirements.
  • Performance measurements of critical business processes are established.

Level #3. Enlighten, characterized by:

  • End to end processes are managed using facts and data.
  • Facts and data are used to identify and prioritize improvements to work processes.
  • Process improvement teams are beginning to form to manage business processes.

Level #4. Wisdom, characterized by:

  • Customer needs are well understood and are driving processes improvement initiatives.
  • Trend data are beginning to develop to monitor and manage processes which are aligned to customer requirements.
  • Process improvement teams regularly collaborate and communicate about improvement initiatives.

Level #5. Sustaining, characterized by:

  • Managing end to end processes is well established.
  • Trend data is in place to provide direction on process performance.
  • Process improvement teams are fully functioning and operate as self-directed teams.

The assessment will take 45-60 minutes for a team, less for an individual.