Methodologies: Excellence is born of commitment, intentional learning, hard work, and a burning desire to serve the customer.

Tools That Accelerate the Journey to Excellence

We strongly believe in comprehensive solutions so we bring a comprehensive set tools. A carpenter has more than one tool to build a house.The orchestra conductor has many instruments to create sound. In the same way, organizational performance requires more than one tool. Lean is a great tool that has proved to bring enormous change. But it’s power can be leveraged exponentially if it is coupled within a comprehensive framework for performance excellence like the Baldrige Quality Criteria. Strategic planning is a great  exercise but unless it can be deployed and understood by front line staff it is glorious waste of effort.

So the tools we use are intended to improve performance comprehensively. Baldrige Quality Criteria provides a basic framework for excellence. A Balanced Scorecard (strategy development) and strategy mapping link it all together. Lean eliminates waste and provides enterprise wide process improvement so that mission can be accomplished.

In summary, our tools include:

  • Lean
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Baldrige as a Structure for Excellence