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Leadership: it is not a person, it is a system!

The great gap in leadership thinking is centered in the system of leadership. Annually, the world spends $50 Billion dollars in leadership training but we spend nothing in leadership systems. To quote Barbara Kellerman, the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, leadership industry seems not in any major, meaningful, or measurable way to have improved the human condition. The solution? Invest in building a system of leadership. Our approach is to build the system first, then buy the training required to execute the requirements of the system. This is what we do.

We Facilitate the Design of Leadership Systems

According to the 2017 Baldrige Criteria “A systems perspective means managing all the components of your organization as a unified whole to achieve ongoing success”. In our view, this begins with leadership. Leadership is a system, not a single individual or collection of individuals. Or as Barbara Kellerman, the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School states: Leadership – Its a System, Not a Person.

Like the design of any system, the first step is determining what the system is to produce. It is too easy to say the system is produce a profit, exceptional health, life long learners. The leadership system begins the how – how will leaders produce a profit, produce exceptional health, and produce life long learners. This is different with every organizations.

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