The Leadership System and Strategy

Strartegy Development

Mapping the Leadership Systems to Strategy

Make it relevant, make it work, make it last, and make it living! Create it to integrate the big idea with the daily work that must make it happen. Big, bold, strategic ideas is often the easy part. Turning the idea into reality is hard work. All too often there are mountains to climb and hurdles to jump over. Each one seems designed to stop the execution of your wonderful idea. Just think about a few – big ideas:

Helping prospective college students find funding. What a tremendous big idea! Unfortunately, it is highly regulated, complex, and just one hurdle in a series of hurdles students must jump through before they actually enroll.

Poverty and homelessness. You quickly drown in the enormity of the problems.

Educating children. The infrastructure required can kill the passion of the best teacher.

Government. Endless demands, no one ever says thank you, and not in my backyard is the norm, and there is never enough money.

It is time for a new strategic plan. It has been…. 10 years since our last one. Where do we start? We hate to disappoint, but most of them will fail and within six months that beautifully bound document that brings such great pride, is an entertainment piece on at the reception desk.

Our approach to strategy development is different. Because we start with the core belief that strategy and operations must be aligned and integrated, we engage management, staff, and customers into the process. We start with what the customer requires. Everything flows from here.

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