Baldrige Rapid Access Intensive

Baldrige Rapid Access Intensive…©©

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is a high impact Baldrige intensive that will launch your entire leadership team into their Baldrige journey. With the assistance of expert facilitators and the visual communication tools of story boarding and mind mapping, the Rapid Access Intensive will jump start your journey toward excellence. Along the way your team will learn the basic structure of the Baldridge framework, self-identify opportunities for improvement, strengths to be celebrated, and learn the comprehensive approach to excellence that Baldridge provides. It is hands on experiential learning plus action oriented change management. You will be on your Baldirge journey in a matter of weeks rather than months or years. You will also have the basic structure of a Baldridge application to be submitted.

Visual Learning – Story Boarding & Mind Mappingcontinuous-learning-system-image

Through the visual tools of story boarding and mind mapping we accelerate your understanding and application of the Baldrige framework. You will “see” your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Instead of relying on interviews and note taking, this approach will create a visual road map toward excellence. In short, you will “own” the results which means you can take action on the findings immediately.

This intensive  can be applied to developing the organizational profile for an application submittal as well as all 6 process categories. This provides the foundation for a high quality application. In addition, it can be used to take an intensive “deep dive” into a single category.

Developed in conjunction with Performance Excellence Northwest, a Baldrige Alliance member in the Pacific Northwest, this intensive can jump start your journey to excellence.

Note: the name Baldrige – Rapid Access Intensive and its methodologies are the exclusive ownership of Praxis Solutions for Nonprofits.

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