Social Service and Nonprofits

Social Services & Nonprofits

Developing a Systems Perspective

One of the most critical sectors in our local communities and the systems that create livable communities are our nonprofits. In a 1996 article for the highly respected Harvard Business Review, author Regina Herzlinger argues that in our nonprofit and government organizations we place our most sacred social functions and values: educating our minds, uplifting our souls, and protecting our health and safety.

We agree. Because of this, we feel part of our mission is to assist those mission driven organizations that educate our minds, uplift our souls, and protect our health and safety. The tools, solutions, and methodologies that we bring to State and local government and colleges and universities work just as effectively with nonprofit and social service organizations.

The value we bring to these important organizations is in our expertise methodologies that have proven to produce best in class performance. We find great value when a client organization presents one of our strategy maps to their board and as a highly experienced corporate from a fortune 100 company states: If this is where the agency is going and how we are going about it, I am fully committed – and able to talk about it to my peers and potential donors.