Developing Leadership Systems

hospital-or-system If there is ever a place to observe systems at work, it has to be a hospital operating room. Multiple systems have to work seamlessly to deliver the best outcome. Surgical systems, support systems, diagnostic systems, technology systems, and facility systems all have to be functioning at their best. Yet, do we consider leadership a system? Maybe, but there is more and more evidence that leadership itself is a system and needs to be understood as a system if it is to deliver it best outcome.

We recently completed a project for a rural county healthcare organization. They wanted to to establish a formal leadership system or a model that would drive hiring, training, set expectations and center the entire organization on excellence. The result is a complete leadership system that has five parts:

  1. A clear set of system requirements
  2. A clear set of leadership behaviors
  3. A clear set of leadership activities and routines
  4. A clear set of tools and methods to deploy the system, and
  5. Three simple metrics to track the performance of their leadership model.

The result is an easily to describe model, complete with metrics that will drive excellence and touches every part of the healthcare system. This is the next generation of thinking in leadership development – leadership systems.

For a complimentary white paper on leadership system development, please click here.

Leadership – Its a System Not a Person


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