Who We Are

Selective Client Engagements

Excellence In Designed Management Systems

We are a team experts in the design and creation of formal leadership systems, Balanced Scorecards, strategy maps, and Baldrige Implementation.

We do our work exclusively with public sector, nonprofit, and healthcare clients. Our goal is to facilitate the journey to organizational excellence by using established tools with proven track records for producing excellence.

We Promote a Systems Perspective

According to the 2017 Baldrige Criteria “A systems perspective means managing all the components of your organization as a unified whole to achieve ongoing success”. In our view, this begins with leadership. Leadership is a system, not a single individual or collection of individuals. Or as Barbara Kellerman, the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School states: Leadership – Its a System, Not a Person.

Developing strong leadership and performance systems is what we do. However, our work is collaborative in nature. We believe in the value of self discovery. Using these methods, our work has been increased staff morale, elimination of operational waste, and  increased customer value & satisfaction. Examples include:

  • An office of financial aid that saw a reduction in application processing time from 10 weeks to three weeks;
  • A social service nonprofit with a visual road map to execute its mission and vision; and
  • A healthcare organization that has cut its Baldrige initiative time from years to a few months.

Two things that define us.

  1. We are team oriented. Collaboration defines us.
  2. We are selective in our client engagements.

Our history was born out of a sense of frustration. After working for many years with both national and regional consulting firms we saw a significant gap between the kind of consulting expertise that was available in the commercial sectors vs. the expertise available to the public and nonprofit sectors. Furthermore, as the recession of 2008 began to impact local government agencies, social services, and non profits we could see that the staff were exhausted. Too many demands, too few resources, and everyone wanted more and more but the resources were evaporating. The tools and methodologies we bring have proven track records that will increase engagement with staff, lower cost, improve customer satisfaction, and create value.

In accepting client engagements we ask five questions:

1) Can we provide high impact to the mission, vision, and strategy of the client?

2) Will the dynamics of our team add significant value to the client?

3) Is the client committed to improving performance?

4) Is the client interested in a team oriented approach to finding workable solutions?

5) Will the solutions we identify be implemented?

If the answer is yes to these questions then we have the basis for a good match and we will accept the engagement.