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Accelerate the journey! 

Baldrige Rapid Access© was developed in conjunction with Performance Excellence Northwest, the regional Baldrige association This is an entirely new path toward a Baldrige journey. In development for 2 years it takes the normal 6-9 months of work to write a Baldrige application, submit it to a group of examiners, judges, and receive either a site visit or an executive briefing, down to a few weeks. We do this by engaging a small team of professional facilitators and Baldrige examiners in a process of self discovery. In this way, your organization develops its own observations of strengths and opportunities. In addition, the Baldrige framework and values are driven deeper into your organization.

For many organizations it takes 2-3 applications to begin understanding the core of the framework – Approach, Deployment, Learning, and Integration. This is lost time. This approach also mirrors what the national organization is doing but with some additional value added benefits: 1) develops internal Baldrige capacity and leadership; and 2) faster turn around from application submittal to deployed projects to improve excellence.